REM's have hit out at American president George W Bush's "dangerous" view of the world.

Bassist Mike Mills insists the leaser has a Machiavellian approach to world politics - where the interests of those closest to him take precedence over the interests of everyone else.

Mills says, "The problems are legion. He (Bush) has a simplistic black and white view of society. You're either good or you're evil.

"He thinks he can kill all the terrorists. He doesn't really care about anything but taking care of his friends and he's surrounded himself with right wing ideologues and people whose world view is, I think, very dangerous."

Guitarist PETER BUCK adds, "I think the Bush presidency is a disaster in every way.

"Environmentally they've rolled it back to the good old days of the fifties when you couldn't swim in the Great Lakes and you couldn't breathe in Los Angeles. That probably would've been enough to get us out."

As for the invasion of Iraq, Buck adds, "But because we've destabilized that country we're going to have to have soldiers there for the next ten years. And there are going to be people dying - American and coalition troops and innocent Iraqis.

"Not to mention the billions of dollars we're going to p*** away on that country when most Americans don't have health care."

24/09/2004 17:31