SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS caused a bit of an upset during a guest-presenting spot on live TV today (25MAR03) - when his make-up crew walked onto the set to tidy him up in the middle of filming.

The BAD BOY boss dropped by the New York set of popular morning show LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY to present alongside host Regis Philbin, because the show regular Kelly Ripa is on maternity leave.

And while Combs gleefully played co-host for the morning, his two staffers were poised and waiting in the aisles for the first opportunity maintain their boss's looks.

But their attentiveness went a little overboard when they mistook show-segment music for a commercial break, and walked out to mop Combs' brow.

As the audience giggled in bemusement, a producer on the show boomed, "Guys, we're on the air!"

And as the embarrassed staffers went back behind the scenes, Philbin jokingly screeched, "What's wrong with you people? They can't wait to get out here. I never saw such efficiency in my life! I've got to beg and kiss for people to come and do me."

A coy Combs responded, "I have a great team!"