Arcade Fire star Regine Chassagne was locked out of the Grammy Awards after the band's shock win earlier this year (11) when security staff failed to recognise her just seconds after she performed onstage.
The cult rockers stunned the music world when they landed the Album of the Year honour at the ceremony in February, beating favourites Eminem and Lady Antebellum.
They took to the stage to perform a track shortly after accepting the award, and frontman Win Butler was so excited he leaped into the crowd to hug pals - but the band was shocked when officials refused to allow Chassagne backstage just moments later.
Butler tells Britain's Q magazine, "What happened was we finished playing and I jumped down in the crowd to give hugs to our friends and stuff like that, and Regine tried to get backstage and they were like, 'Where do you think you're going?' We'd literally just won the Grammy."
Chassagne, a founder member of the Canadian band, adds, "When we finish (the song), they wouldn't let me back in... Three times it happened to me... In the end I had to have somebody come and get me."
And Butler was delighted at the furore that followed their controversial win: "I thought it was hilarious. At the ceremony, I don't think we ever played to a more apathetic audience in our lives.
"People with these horrified looks on their faces, and then during the second song they were just streaming out of the arena... There was this really funny shot of Lady Gaga while we're performing, sat in her big stupid hat looking upset after we won."