Acclaimed singer/songwriter Regina Spektor abandoned her dreams of becoming a classical pianist because her slight fingers and small hands cramped her learning.
The Russian-born hitmaker began taking piano lessons when she was just seven years old but her goal of pursuing a music career was nearly dashed when her family was forced to leave behind her instrument when they emigrated to the United States in 1989.
The Fidelity singer subsequently took up classes with renowned performer Sonia Vargas in New York but Spektor's fingers failed to grow, and she grew more and more depressed and frustrated when her palms couldn't span the keys.
She tells The New York Times Magazine, "At a certain point, if you're going to become a classical musician, you have to transition. It's like that speed you have to reach to take off in an airplane. If you don't hit it, you don't get up. Then you're just in a car. I was in a car. It was torturing me."
Fortunately Spektor's physical shortcomings had a silver lining and she turned her back on piano lessons to concentrate of singing and songwriting, landing a deal at Sire Records in 2004.