RAY star Regina King left comedian Craig Ferguson in a state of excitement on Friday (01APR05), when she told him she'd performed a nude scene in the MISS CONGENIALITY sequel.

The curvaceous actress made an appearance on Scottish funnyman Ferguson's show, where she made the false revelation.

She explained, "There were some scenes omitted from the movie that I was kind of nervous about. It was actually my first nude scene. They decided they wanted to make it PG-13 because it was really risque. I had to get up the nerve to do it and I did it and they cut it out."

But as Ferguson showed a particular interest to the scene in question, King revealed it was an April Fool's Day prank, before asking him who he thought her nude shots were with.

He sheepishly admitted, "I'm hoping in my head it's with Sandra Bullock." King and Bullock's movie Miss Congeniality 2: ARMED + Fabulous opened in America late last month (MAR05).

04/04/2005 09:15