SCARY MOVIE star Regina Hall is hoping Regina King enjoys huge success - so she can cash in on people constantly mistaking her for the actress.

Hall and RAY star King, 34, share the same first name and are around the same age, which has caused numerous errors in the past.

Hall, 33, explains, "A studio exec at Warner BROS called last Saturday and said, 'Regina, I want to congratulate you for being a wonderful actress.' I thought, 'I'm about to get an offer. This studio loves me.'

"Then he added, 'What you brought to A Cinderella Story was amazing. I said, 'Um, I think you meant to call Regina King.'

"He was completely apologetic and tried to tell me that I was a wonderful actress too. I told him, 'Clearly, I'm not. I didn't get this call.'

"I do know Regina King. I hope her a*s gets nominated for an OSCAR 'cause then I'm gonna act like I'm her for real. I'm gonna call for Oscar tickets and he like, 'Yes, that's Miss King. With a party of four!'"

01/03/2005 09:32