Reese Witherspoon's daughter AVA left the actress shocked recently, when she referred to Prince Charming as "sexy".

Ava, who turns six years old tomorrow (09SEP05), recently made her annual pilgrimage to California theme park Disneyland when she met and danced with Prince Charming - and the youngster was highly impressed.

Witherspoon says, "I just took her to Disneyland. We go every year around her birthday. And she had a really exciting year this year. She's growing up so much.

"She saw Prince Charming in the middle of the street and he danced around with her and she had this exciting experience with her and her girlfriend.

"We got them back to the hotel and I said, 'How was it?' And she goes, 'Oh mom, he is so sexy!' I go, 'What does sexy mean?' She goes, 'I don't know, I heard it on TV.'"