Reese Witherspoon's four-year-old daughter AVA is horrified with the actress' new brunette look - because she believes the paparazzi will no longer want to take her mother's picture.

The actress darkened her blonde tresses to play JUNE CARTER CASH opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, which recently finished production in Tennessee.

But Witherspoon, married to actor Ryan Phillippe, admits her offspring can't wait until she returns to her natural blonde look.

She says, "My daughter was upset. She said, 'You know what, Mom? They're not gonna wanna take your picture anymore and put you in the paper!' Ryan and I were laughing. We were like, 'That's a good thing, honey.' She was like, 'No, it's not!'"

And Witherspoon's mother isn't thrilled with the look either, believing it betrays the her own impression of the actress' Southern roots.

03/09/2004 09:09