LEGALLY BLONDE star Reese Witherspoon's new brunette look has confused some of her fans so much, one mistook her for her own children's nanny.

The actress darkened her blonde tresses to play JUNE CARTER CASH opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, which recently finished production in Tennessee.

But her new look has caused a case or two of mistaken identity.

She says, "I had this situation where I was in Memphis and I was just walking down the street, 'cause that's where we were shooting the movie.

"Somebody stopped the car and pulled over and I was with my daughter and my son pushing them around. They said, 'Hey you! Are you the babysitter? Are you Reese Witherspoon's babysitter?' And I said, 'Yeah I am, why?' And they said, 'Where does she live? I really need to know!'

"I said, 'Well, I can't really give out that kinda information but she's really not that nice. Trust me, don't go near her house!'

02/09/2004 09:18