Reese Witherspoon has promised her new film Vanity Fair will surprise those expecting a sedate period drama - because they've made it a "sensual avant garde" movie.

Despite the fact Witherspoon was heavily pregnant during the filming of the classical adaptation the 27-year-old actress says that director Mira Nair has made her character BECKY SHARP part of a sexy interpretation of WILLIAM THACKERAY's novel.

She says, "The Oscar Wilde was a very traditional telling of a classic play but this is different. Mira Nair's interpretation is very avant garde and really cool. I think people are going to be very surprised.

"It's like nothing you'd expect from an English period film. There's a lot of sensuality, and things which would normally be seen as rather forward."

And the blonde star has enjoyed portraying Sharp - because the character is the exact opposite from her last role as ELLE WOODS in the celebrated LEGALLY BLONDE series.

She explains, "I'm having a great time playing Becky. She's a world away from Elle Woods and for me it's a great departure. It was a natural decision for me to get as far away from American pop culture as I could."

09/06/2003 20:54