Reese Witherspoon has topped a new Best Hair poll for her look as a ghost in romantic comedy Just Like Heaven.

The actress beat ALFIE star Nia Long's locks in Are We There Yet? to claim the top spot in style magazine Marie Claire's 10 Best Movie Hair Moments of 2005.

The top 10 is:

1. REESE WITHERSPOON (JUST LIKE HEAVEN) 2. NIA LONG (ARE WE THERE YET?) 3. Sienna Miller (CASANOVA) 4. Hilary Duff/VANESSA LENIES (The Perfect Man) 5. Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux) 6. Angelina Jolie (MR + MRS SMITH) 7. Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) 8. Jennifer Lopez (Monster-In-Law) 9. Eva Mendes (HITCH)

10. Drew Barrymore (Fever Pitch).