LEGALLY BLONDE star Reese Witherspoon was left speechless after a summer (05) visit to a psychic - when she was told she'd "make it" as an actress one day.

The actress visited a "psychic manicurist" at a friend's baby shower recently, and she was highly amused by her so-called premonitions.

She says, "I just went (to a psychic) recently for the first time. I'm kind of nervous because I don't want to know anything bad. So I said, 'Don't tell me anything bad.'

"She told me all this stuff and shuffled all these cards and then she goes, 'And I want to tell you, you're going to make it - in movies.' I didn't have the heart to tell her I was already in movies.

"I just said, 'How much do I owe you?' And she said, 'That will be $100.' So I paid this woman $100 to tell me I'd be in movies. But she wasn't wrong!"