Actress Reese Witherspoon is adamant her work with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to investigate illegal and dangerous tactics used by the paparazzi is entirely necessary, because they are ruining her life and terrifying her children.

The SWEET HOME ALABAMA star claims she has been victimised by photographers, who have trapped her in public places and hurled abuse at her to get pictures.

Last month (SEP05) she allegedly witnessed snapper Todd Wallace assault two Disneyland, California, employees as they attempted to shield the actress from his "aggressive and frightening" behaviour.

Witherspoon says, "They do things that are illegal.

"They've hit my car and tried to push me off the road. And they've blocked me in with their cars, which is false imprisonment.

"They shout terrible obscene things at you and your children to try and get a reaction on your face.

"I had one follow us to the paediatrician's office shouting the f-word at us. My daughter was only four - she was shaking and crying.

"It's hard to live with. And I don't understand why it's legal to print pictures of my children."