Reese Witherspoon's red-faced publicist is trying to cover up the actress' blushes after learning the WALK THE LINE star wore the same Chanel dress Kirsten Dunst once donned at the Golden Globes.

Dunst wore the same designer vintage gown at the Globes in 2003, prompting top stylists to criticise Witherspoon for not doing her homework before stepping out at the awards show.

The LEGALLY BLONDE star's publicist NANCI RYDER says, "Although it was disappointing that the dress had already been worn, Reese looked beautiful and the bigger deal is Reese won the Golden Globe for her work in Walk The Line."

Chanel bosses insist the fuss is being blown out of proportion. A company spokesman says, "We are honoured that Reese chose to wear Chanel and thought she looked beautiful."

Defiant Witherspoon says, "It was a great fit and I liked it."