Reese Witherspoon has been accused of being a control freak by an American magazine, after she banned its reporters from the premiere of her new movie.

According to American news site MSNBC several reporters were "disinvited" from the Long Island, New York, premiere of LEGALLY BLONDE II: RED WHITE AND BLONDE just a day before the bash, after their publications wrote negative stories about the star.

An insider at IN TOUCH magazine claims its reporter was turned away after writing an "unauthorised" profile of Witherspoon.

The magazine source says, "The party organizers were very apologetic. But they said that Reese wouldn't come if the reporters were there. They said they had no choice."

Those lucky enough to make it into the Southampton bash also claim Witherspoon spent most of the evening with her handlers in the VIP area, while her husband Ryan Phillippe greeted guests.

A source tells MSNBC, "It was all sort of weird. She has a reputation for being sweet, but that's not the side we saw."

But Witherspoon's representative LESLIE SLOAN has rubbished reports of diva-like behaviour.

Claiming the actress spent less time mingling with guests at the premiere because she is five months pregnant, Sloan scoffs, "She wasn't the one who disinvited In Touch. I did. In Touch ran an unauthorized profile of Reese. They've done this before. Stars shouldn't be subjected to this sort of stuff."

08/07/2003 13:51