LEGALLY BLONDE star Reese Witherspoon wants airlines to create special rooms for mothers and tots because she's sick of getting "the evil eye" from passengers when she takes daughter AVA on a trip.

The Cruel Intentions actress admits she understands why passengers get so upset by whining children on flights - because she used to hate flying with a kid screaming in her ear.

She says, "I have this whole theory that kids and parents on planes should have a little soundproof room where the kids can go crazy and they have like wipe-down walls so they could throw their juice everywhere and they don't have to annoy all the other passengers.

"Nowadays, I get the death glares like `I hope you don't think you're sitting next to me.'"

Witherspoon admits, for the most part, her daughter is a good plane passenger: "She is good but I've had these horrible experiences where the diaper explodes and there's poo everywhere."

05/05/2003 01:58