Movie star Reese Witherspoon's brother has been placed on two years probation after pleading guilty to attempted sexual battery and trespassing.

JOHN DRAPER WITHERSPOON was arrested on 5th October 2002 following an incident in which he entered a neighbour's property and started to undress a sleeping woman.

The neighbour says Witherspoon kissed her on the neck and face before leaving when she woke up.

The defendant's lawyer, ED YARBROUGH, says Witherspoon was drunk and can't remember what he did, although he doesn't dispute the woman's version of events.

Witherspoon now attends weekly sessions at the VANDERBILT INSTITUTE FOR THE TREATMENT OF ADDICTION in Nashville, America and has to attend for a minimum of two years as part of the plea bargain.

However, the unnamed woman filed a civil lawsuit - a case still pending - seeking $600,000 (GBP375,000) in November 2002.

06/10/2003 17:41