Actress Reese Witherspoon has a hunky husband and a thriving career - but her family's been thrown into turmoil with the news that her brother could be jailed for being an alleged sex pest.

JOHN DRAPER WITHERSPOON, 30, was arrested last year (OCT02) in Nashville, Tennessee, after allegedly attempting to molest neighbour REBECCA MORGAN, 25, in her own home.

And as the pregnant actress celebrates the success of the Legally Blonde sequel in America, the details of the scandal could rock her world as her brother is sentenced.

John Witherspoon faces six years in jail if he's found guilty in Davidson County Criminal Court this week (beg14JUL03).

His attorney ED YARBROUGH (corr) insists the incident was alcohol-related and was a one-off, claiming his client "stumbled into the wrong house".

14/07/2003 02:51