Reese Witherspoon has revealed that the excitement of "something new" was what drew her towards her latest film 'This Means War,' in an interview with Reuters. The star won an Oscar for her role in the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk The Line' as well as making a huge success of the 'Legally Blonde' comedies, yet her latest project sees the star feature in far more action-based fare, though she did admit she didn't get involved in all the action.
"It was a great opportunity to try something new, yet I felt like it had enough comedy that it felt fresh. Combining it with this very viable spy story made it feel new," Witherspoon said in the interview, "But I had a few stunt doubles because there were things like driving cars, jumping off buildings, cars tumbling towards me, things on fire..." The actress also cited a busy schedule over any aversion to getting involved in the rough and tumble as to why she couldn't complete all the stunts, saying "I did do the trapeze work on this movie because I had been in circus training for 'Water For Elephants' and the shooting was very close between the two movies."
The film sees two CIA Agents, played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy wage an epic battle against each other after they find out that they've both been dating the same woman - Reese Witherspoon's character Lauren. It was released in the US last weekend, taking fifth place on the US Box Office for the period behind the Denzel Washington-starring 'Safe House.'