Reese Witherspoon evidently thought she was heading for a business meeting with her agent rather than a relatively low-key awards ceremony judging by the outfit she wore to the undoubtedly prestigious Ace Eddie Awards, which apparently stands for the American Cinema Editors Awards (of course it does !) The UK's Daily Mirror newspaper reports that Witherspoon opted to wear a rather serious looking suit for the event, rather at odds with the star's usual ceremonial attire that more often than not hits the right spot with the Hollywood fashion critics. An odd event all round really.
In other Witherspoon news, the star recently spoke about her roll in the action-based comedy 'This Means War,' which came out at cinemas on the weekend, reaching the top five of the North American Box Office in the process. Citing the chance for something new as a reason for taking on the role, she commented "I felt like it had enough comedy that it felt fresh. Combining it with this very viable spy story made it feel new."
However, in the interview with Reuters, Witherspoon admitted she didn't do most of the stunts, saying "I did do the trapeze work on this movie because I had been in circus training for 'Water For Elephants' and the shooting was very close between the two movies." Sure Reese