Sexy actress Reese Witherspoon is furious that a raunchy video showing her in naked sex scenes is being advertised on television across America.

The Legally Blonde actress is considering taking legal action against the video distributors, who she believes are taking advantage of a multi-million dollar promotional campaign for sequel LEGALLY BLONDE 2: Red, WHITE AND BLONDE.

The video shows Reese indulging in full-frontal romps with hunky actor Liev Schrieber, and can be ordered online for $19 (GBP12).

The scenes have been taken from the 1998 film TWILIGHT, which 27-year-old Reese - who is married to heart-throb actor RYAN PHILLIPPE - made before she became a Hollywood superstar.

An insider says, "Reese is spitting blood. She has a squeaky clean image and is adored by young fans everywhere.

"She represents the girl next door who's achieved the American Dream."

20/07/2003 14:00