Reese Witherspoon ''cried 16 times'' after 'Big Little Lies' swept the Golden Globes.

The 41-year-old actress - who stars in and executive produces the series - was ''overwhelmed'' after the show took home four awards including Best Actress for Nicole Kidman, Best Limited TV Series, Best Actor for Alexander Skarsgard and Best Supporting Actress for Laura Dern at the awards ceremony on Sunday (07.01.18).

Reese admitted: ''[I'm] overwhelmed. I've cried 16 times.''

Whilst Shailene Woodley said of the group's chemistry: ''I think everyone just being who they are and everyone accepting each other for who they are and supporting one another.''

Reese was also asked to introduce Oprah Winfrey, who collected the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the event.

Speaking about being tasked with the introductory speech, Reese added to Entertainment Tonight: ''When she asked me to do it in December, I wept. Then I didn't sleep for like three or four days. I was very deeply moved because she's an incredible, kind, magnanimous person who cares about literally every person. She sees everyone. She's just a great equalizer. She just really deeply cares about humanity as a whole ... I also pump myself up, and I go into a spiral of worry. So I probably made 17 versions of it, but then I felt like it was important to say something about her and let her speak.''

In her acceptance speech, Nicole Kidman - who also stars in and executive produces 'Big Little Lies' - paid tribute to her co-stars and said the award was ''ours to share''.

She added: ''This character that I played represents something that is the centre of our conversation right now: abuse. I do believe and I hope that we can elicit change through the stories we tell and the way we tell them.''