Reese Witherspoon has broken her finger.

The actress was spotted with a bandaged little finger on her left hand as she left her office in Brentwood, California, yesterday (28.11.11), after apparently breaking it.

As she walked, Reese's finger stuck out, wrapped in a small splint, to keep it straight and aid her recovery.

The singer has had an unlucky year, after she badly twisted her ankle and had to wear a soft cast on her left foot in May. She was then struck while jogging in Santa Monica by an elderly lady driving her car at around 20 miles per hour in September.

While she sported a black eye after the incident, Reese did not press charges against the 84-year-old driver and was reported to be "resting comfortably at home" shortly after the incident.

The elderly driver was subsequently ordered the Department of Motor Vehicles to retake her test, including undergoing a full eye examination and to provide a list of medication she was currently taking.

Accident prone Reese has recently admitted she has had to face up to a number of phobias, including an irrational fear of travel.

She said: "I used to not ever travel. I've gotten over so many phobias. Five years ago, I was terrified to travel. I was scared to leave my kids. It's still not the best feeling."