Reese Witherspoon is launching her own Book Club on Audible featuring stories by empowering female authors.

The Hollywood star has teamed up with the audiobook company on 'Reese's Book Club x Hello Sunshine', which will begin in June, and is named after the 'Legally Blonde' actress' company Hello Sunshine.

In 2012, the 42-year-old producer co-founded production company Pacific Standard with Bruna Papandrea, which now serves as a subsidiary for Hello Sunshine, with the intention of making TV shows and movies which put women at the forefront.

The partnership saw them produce Oscar-nominated 'Gone Girl', 'Wild', and HBO drama series 'Big Little Lies'.

On her collaboration with Audible, Reese said: ''When I started Reese's Book Club, I wanted to highlight the voices of female storytellers and I am so excited to work with Audible to literally deliver on our mission! It can be hard to find time to read a highly recommended book, and love that with this partnership we are providing a way to experience these beautiful stories in audio form.''

In 2015, Reese made an empowering speech at the Glamour Awards about misogyny in Hollywood and how she launched her own production company to help female storytellers get their work out there.

Reflecting on the speech and how she is trying to remove the ''stigma'' from the word ''ambition'' when it comes to women, she said previously: ''A couple of years ago I wrote a speech of Glamour Women of the Year about why ambition in women is considered a dirty word. And we do kind of think, they've done all these studies at Harvard and Colombia about how women who have ambitious qualities are seen as selfish or self-serving, and it's actually completely the opposite. Usually they have a mission or a drive to help other people, or accomplish something.

''So I'm just trying to take the stigma off the word so we can encourage more little girls to be ambitious, because I do think that's how society will change.''

Audible and Hello Sunshine are also working together on the development of original audio productions, with the first Audible Original by Hello Sunshine to be announced later this year.

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