Movie star Reese Witherspoon has found the ideal way to make sure her BARBIE-loving daughter AVA has politically correct dolls - she's created her own.

The actress has linked up with toymakers MATTEL to create a new Barbie modelled on her Legally Blonde character ELLE WOODS.

The idea came to her when she was looking for politically correct Barbie dolls for her daughter.

Reese says, "She loves Barbies and at first I thought, `Is she presenting the right image to women,' and then I found PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BARBIE and I got so inspiRed.

"I was like, `This is fantastic,' so I bought all of them and gave them to all my friends.

"And now, Elle Woods is going to be a Barbie and all my proceeds are going to charity. So when your kids beg for it, you know it's for a good cause."

The new Barbie isn't the only thing to be marketed on the back of the Legally Blonde sequel, RED, WHITE + BLONDE - Reese's movie pooch MOONIE is getting into fashion.

A new range of doggie clothing, based on those worn by Moonie's movie alter-ego BRUISER, are due to be released in pet stores around the release of the film.

05/05/2003 01:58