Reese Witherspoon might have only had a cameo role in the film 'Mud,' but she stole the show when it came down to promoting the flick at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this week, the pregnant star looking stunning in a black fitting jersey dress that proudly showed off her bump.
The film's main star is actually Matthew Mcconaughey, playing a fugitive hiding on an island in the Mississippi river. After two teenage boys discover him, they try to reunite him with his lost love - played by Witherspoon - as bounty hunters close in on him. But who wants to talk to MCConaughey when Witherspoon's in town? Not People Magazine that's for sure, and they focused on the blonde actresses comments at a press conference, in which she said "I grew up with my brother in a creek, riding dirt bikes, dirt fishing, everything you see the boys in the movie doing. When I read Jeff's script, it felt like home. It's a beautiful story about the place I'm from."
Director Jeff Nicols meanwhile was gushing in his praise for her cameo role, saying "Even if her screen time is limited and, bless her heart, I kept her in a motel room most of the time, she still managed to look good." Continuing, he added "I needed someone who, when she showed up, it was like, she's here! She had to be believable and stand out at the same time."