Reese Witherspoon is keen to make her directorial debut after old pal Sarah Polley impressed her with AWAY FROM HER. Actress Polley turned director to make the harrowing film, which has earned veteran Julie Christie a string of awards and an Oscar nomination - inspiring the Legally Blonde star to step behind the camera. Already a celebrated producer, Witherspoon desperately wants to make a movie. She says, "I'm inching toward directing, I have to say. Be very afraid. I'm tackling that next, but it's very inspiring to see Sarah Polley, who I used to audition with, direct Julie Christie hopefully to an Oscar. I think that's really inspiring." Meanwhile, the Academy-Award winner is also looking for a "kick-ass" action role - like the ones Angelina Jolie plays. She adds, "I love seeing Angelina Jolie in movies like Mr. And Mrs. Smith and I can't wait to see her in Wanted. I love those movies where women have great strength and character. "I'd love a kick-ass female role, where I get to shoot somebody in the neck or the knee - nothing permanent."