Hollywood stunner Reese Witherspoon's troubled marriage to hunk RYAN PHILLIPPE is now reportedly back on track - as a result of the actress' pregnancy.

The couple discovered they were expecting their second baby shortly after they returned from a second honeymoon in the Caribbean - which they'd allegedly taken in March (03) to help ease tensions in their marriage.

According to American gossip magazine the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, the young superstars were struggling to resolve marital problems brought on by the LEGALLY BLONDE star's fears Ryan was cheating on her.

A close friend of the couple says, "They didn't know it at the time they left for the Caribbean, but Reese was already pregnant. They've been trying for another baby ever since they moved into their new Bel-Air mansion this past spring, but Reese hadn't been able to become pregnant."

However, squeamish Reese found the process of confirming her happy news to be a terrifying one.

The source adds, "When the nurse pulled out the needle, just the sight of it seemed to send Reese into in a mini-meltdown and tears flowed down her face. After a good cry, Reese let the nurse take her blood. Then she took a long walk by herself in the canyons near her home.

"She's been stretched thin this past year with the remodeling of her home, her work, her marriage, and taking care of daughter Ava and three dogs.

"But after the news of her pregnancy at last sunk in, she's bounced back entirely to her old self. And now she and Ryan are closer than ever."