Cult British comedy THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN is being turned into a movie by the show's creators.

Actors and writers Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith, STEVE PEMBERTON and co-writer JEREMY DYSON are currently finishing off a big-screen script about the offbeat inhabitants of fictional town ROYSTON VASEY.

Gatiss says, "We've got a draft now that we're very happy with and we've drawn up a list of film companies that we want to talk to.

"It's just a question now of whose money we take. We want total control. We've always wanted to make one but we've just been building up to it over the last year.

"With a film there's obviously scope for a lot more special effects, but it all depends on the budget. It's all very ambitious."

The group hope to begin filming by the beginning of next year (04), eyeing a 2005 release date.

08/10/2003 17:42