Rapper Redman paid a lasting tribute to former Wu Tang Clan bandmate OL' DIRTY BASTARD while filming a TV travel show with Cameron Diaz in Bhutan by erecting a prayer flag in his honour.

Redman, real name REGGIE NOBLE, was shooting MTV's TRIPPIN' with Diaz, BLINK-182's Mark Hoppus and actress Eva Mendes in Buddhist Bhutan last November (04) when he heard about ODB's death.

And, upon learning that locals erected flags to mark the passing of family members, he decided to remember his friend in the same way in a village at the top of a mountain.

In the footage, which aired in America on Monday (04APR05), Redman explains, "We hung this flag up in the memory of ODB. I can't be at the memorial service or the wake.

"I'm way out here right now but I'm still keeping him in spirit, so we hung this flag up in memory of ODB in the highest place on the highest mountain. May his spirit last forever."

Diaz, who fronts the MTV show admits she admired her pal's professionalism when he was obviously upset about his pal's death: "He decided to stick it out the best he could."

06/04/2005 03:14