Hip-hop star Redman is so fearful of going bankrupt he doesn't even own a car.

The LET'S GET DIRTY rapper is revelling in his financial security after rising from poverty - and he plans to keep a tight grip on his cash so he never has to be penniless again.

He says, "I'm not going to be broke because I'm the cheapest motherf***er on this set. I live in this little one-bedroom apartment out here in Los Angeles. I ain't got no car - I don't need none of that s***.

"I like the way my (apartment) is because I know where my s*** is at. I don't want no makeover. My doorbell is still f***ed up because nobody don't need to be coming there. I don't even get mail at my house - everything goes to my mama's house."

But if poverty does ever strike again, Redman - real name REGGIE NOBLE - has a solution: "If I ever go back to being broke, I'm going to rob me a bank."

14/07/2004 09:54