The LMFAO star is the son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, who worked with the cream of the music industry over the years, so he has known Stevie for most of his life.

The Superstition star has always been top of his list of dream collaborators, and Redfoo was delighted when the music veteran agree to record a track for his new solo album Party Rock Mansion.

"(Stevie features on a song called) Where the Sun Goes," he tells the Las Vegas Sun. "I grew up with Stevie in the Motown family, but I never dreamed that he would do a song with me. I never thought about it. When we were working on the song, his name came up during the harmonica part - 'That's a part for Stevie. I can't believe we got him on the song."

Redfoo goes on to reveal he has spent two years working on the record, and is proud of his achievements.

"This album is really special to me," he adds. "I've been working on it for two years. It was inspired by my moving into the Party Rock Mansion in Hollywood, where I was playing the album and making the album. Every party inspired me to make certain songs and do certain things.... I've been trying to play other songs like Avicii, country, EDM (electronic dance music) stuff, it's really exciting... I even do an acoustic ballad. I play the piano and sing. It's really special to me. It feels like a Beatles song. I play it at parties late night, and it works. The whole album is really fun to me - a party."

Party Rock Mansion is due for release in March (16).