Three teenagers have been arrested in New Jersey for allegedly brutalising a group of fans after a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert there last weekend (05-06May12).
The Dani California hitmakers were wrapping up their performance at the Prudential Center in Newark on Saturday (05May12) when a crowd of concertgoers began exiting the venue, flooding the streets.
A wave of violence suddenly erupted as two adults and three teens were attacked and robbed by a group of thugs, leaving one victim with a fractured eye socket.
Police officers launched an investigation into the incident and on Wednesday (09May12), three suspects were tracked down and taken into custody.
The trio, which is being held at the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center, has been charged with rioting, aggravated assault, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.
Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio tells Nbc 4 New York, "I am alarmed that our youth who should either be at home under a parent's supervision or engaged in some type of productive or recreational activity, are instead roaming our streets creating mayhem through senseless and random acts of violence."