The Red Hot Chili Peppers tipped their hat at the city that birthed them, as they made their homecoming concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center one long celebration of all things Los Angeles this week.
The funk-punk legends performed two sold-out gigs over the weekend at the massive L.A. venue, with their hometown taking center-stage and the band ensuring that the city of angels was the fifth members that night. Bassist Flea had his amplifiers draped with an L.A. Lakers banner and the band made sure that just about every 'Hollywood', 'Los Angeles' and 'California' name-checking song in their repertoire was on the set-list. Even the opening act, L.A. punk supergroup Off! were specially chosen for the night to ensure that the city got the party it deserved.
The dedications just didn't stop either; early into the set Flea dedicated the anthem 'My Friends' to his local companions, his friends and family in the city, everyone in the room, L.A.'s destitute population and even those who bullied him in high school. As the set drew to an end, the thousands of fans inside the venue sang each and ever word to 'Under the Bridge' along with lead singer Anthony Kiedis, with extra emphasis piled onto the lyric "the City of Angels." When Off! left the stage and the Chili's entered, Kiedis implored the whole audience to make sure they go and see them. Whether or not all 11,000 will go to their next gig remains to be seen, but whenever the Chili's are back in town it's doubtful that anyone in the audience will need telling twice to go out and buy a ticket.