Red Hot Chili Peppers are convinced their upcoming album is their best work ever, because they solved their personal differences during the recording sessions for STADIUM ARCADIUM.

Bassist Flea and virtuoso guitarist JOHN FRUSCIANTE struggled to see eye-to-eye when the band produced 2002 disc BY THE WAY.

But the pair healed their relationship while working on their hotly anticipated double album, and the relaxed working atmosphere allowed their creativity to reach new heights.

Flea tells MTV, "(Making By The Way) was an unpleasant experience for me. There was definitely tension in the group, tension between John and I, and I didn't feel comfortable creatively within the band.

"I didn't feel free to express myself. All of that (was) resolved (during the Stadium sessions), and we got to this place where we felt very free.

"We were all getting along and all working together well, and when we do that, that's when we're at our best - that's when the real magic happens."