Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is finally ready to end his womanising ways, settle down and get married. After years of playing the field, the 43-year-old realised he'd changed when his girlfriend left him and he fell apart. Kiedis - whose former conquests include supermodel HEIDI KLUM - says, "Today I feel like I'd like to get married and have a family. More so than ever. I really don't think I was capable of being that guy until about two months ago. "A bomb went off inside me a few months ago. I broke up with a girl that I was really into. I started wondering why the break-up happened and I realised it was because of some of my own character defects - the feeling of wanting things you don't have. "The minute I started seeing how these defects of character were controlling and dominating my life, they vanished. Suddenly I didn't think the grass was going to be greener, I didn't feel like I wanted something that I didn't have. I actually went back to that girl and patiently waited to see if she was willing to give it another go. "Now I'm quite content to marry this girl and have a family - if that's something she's into as well."