Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis has joined the ranks of the Hollywood parents who have given their kids odd names by confirming his baby son will be christened EVERLY BEAR. The Californication singer's girlfriend Heather Christie gave birth to the tot on 2 October (07) - and the couple already had a quirky name in mind. The rocker tells, "We had a long list of names, but suppose it came to me by way of the Everly Brothers, which is one of my favourite bands. "The mama came up with Bear. That made sense to me because he's from me and I feel like I'm part of the bear clan, and I think it's nice to have a little bit of earth in your name." And Kiedis admits fatherhood has proven to be fairly easy so far: "I sleep when I can, but he's letting me off pretty easy... He's a very calm and peaceful kid."