Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea is "praying" US President George W Bush does not go to war with Iran, warning the move would result in a "bloodbath". The CAN'T STOP rocker has hit out at the leader on the band's official website, insisting the "liar" should be impeached once and for all. He writes: "His lies have brought misery to millions of people and brought no good to anyone except for the corporate oil billionaires who are making huge profits. "They are profiting during wartime - that is unscrupulous and terribly sad. W Bush has made the world a much less safe place. "I pray to God that George W Bush and his administration does not invade Iran. It would be a bloodbath. "Why don't they just leave the Iranians alone and go through the United Nations and work on making the United Nations as strong and as just as possible? "An invasion of Iran would be the worst possible thing that could happen. I pray to God that it does not happen."