Last month (May15), a duct owned by Plains All American Pipeline bosses ruptured off the coast of Santa Barbara, creating the largest coastal oil spill in California in 25 years.

The leak of more than 105,000 gallons caused a large oil slick, threatened wildlife and affected nearby beaches, and bassist Flea took to over the weekend (06-07Jun15) and posted a picture of his daughter Sunny's feet, which were partially coated in a black substance.

He then launched into a tirade against the oil company for making the water unsafe for families to swim and surf.

He writes, "Dear plains all American pipeline, my daughter just dared step on the beach for a few minutes where we live about 75 miles from the Santa Barbara oil spill you caused. She got your oil s**t product all over her feet. I won't let her swim in the ocean because it is full of toxic petroleum product. She was getting confident in the waves but now it's too filthy and unsafe.

"The birds, fish, and seals are ingesting it and getting sick. I can't surf. Some kid in the hood who made a mistake selling drugs will go to jail and have his life ruined but you, you evil lying scumbags will get away with a paltry fine that means nothing to you. You could have had a shut off valve but you saved cash there too. You are the worst kind of human beings, I am infuriated you disgust me."