A free Red Hot Chili Peppers and WEEZER show is caught up in a buzz of controversy, after tickets for the event were discovered being sold for cash.

Officials in Las Vegas are complaining that tickets given away for a city-sponsored centennial concert by the bands are being sold on the internet.

The 2 July (05) show in a parking lot near the Las Vegas Convention Center is to mark the city's 100th anniversary.

A staggering 35,000 free tickets were quickly snapped up when event promoter CLEAR CHANNEL ENTERTAINMENT PROPERTIES made them available online through a ticket service last Monday (18APR05). But minutes later, unscrupulous ticket touts began selling them through eBAY.

Las Vegas Mayor OSCAR GOODMAN says, "It's so unfair because the centennial committee wanted to present this very special event available to everybody free of charge."

Officials said another 5,000 tickets will be made available through TICKETMASTER on 16 May (05), while 10,000 are being distributed to hotels.

25/04/2005 02:54