Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is on a relentless work drive to make up for the years he spent in bed during his drugs days.

Frusciante split from the California-based rock band in the middle of a tour in 1992, after his drug problem spiraled out of control. A spell in rehabilitation followed, and he eventually rejoined the band after his replacement Dave Navarro left.

And since he's been back with the CALIFORNICATION funk group, John's focused on his music more than ever, to make up for lost time.

He says, "I've worked twice as hard these past five years. Because when I was a drug addict and I wasn't doing anything whatsoever - except lying in bed and taking drugs for about four years - it was the prime years of my life, 22 through 26, when most musicians are doing their best stuff."

27/10/2003 16:58