Red Dragon director Brett Ratner has a novel way of marking celebrities' visits to his home - he makes them pose for pictures in his very own photo booth.

The 33-year-old film-maker owns a booth decorated with images of women with bouffant hairstyles, which is on proud display in his Beverly Hills, California, mansion, once owned by Ingrid Bergman.

Stars such as Britney Spears, Colin Farrell, Harvey Keitel, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Chelsea Clinton have all posed in the booth, and the black-and-white snaps now feature in an upcoming book called HILLHAVEN LODGE: THE PHOTO BOOTH PICTURES.

Proceeds of the book, due out in October (03), will go to CHRYSALIS, a foundation which provides job training for homeless people.

Ratner says, "I didn't plan to do a book. I had a photo booth at my house, and my friends would come over and jump in.

"After a while, I had thousands of photos and realised, 'There's a book in this.'"

09/06/2003 09:07