Rebel Wilson wants to go on a dating show - but she doesn't think they could ''afford'' her.

The 'Fat Amy' star has admitted she's ''totally single'' at the moment but is on the lookout for the ''right person'' and is convinced she could find the man of her dreams if she went on the next season of Australia's 'The Bachelorette', but her fee would be too high for producers.

Speaking to Australia's Vogue magazine, she said: ''I am totally single. I think I'm looking for the right person, but there isn't a good pool of people to date in LA. I really related [to 'The Bachelorette'] - ''although I don't think they could afford me.''

However, it's hardly surprising that the 38-year-old actress struggles to find time to date as she's always jetting between her home city Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London.

The blonde comedienne has properties in all four cities and when she has a break in her work schedule she likes to spend her time improving the interiors and design of her homes.

She explained: ''I was living with Matt Lucas, who has a good eye for design and worked on the interior design of the house in West Hollywood we shared. I learnt a bit from that and then it just started. I went with Jeff Lewis, who has a show called 'Flipping Out', and I learnt everything: I went to the marble quarry, tile store, flooring stores, all of them ... and I'm obsessed with textured wallpapers. I never thought I would even care about that kind of thing, but maybe because I travel so much and work, I want my house to be a sanctuary.''

However, Rebel prefers her home in Hidden Hills, California because it's more relaxing.

She said of the mansion, which faces the iconic Hollywood sign, in the US: ''Is a bit more peaceful and you have deer, rabbits and coyotes ... which are not so good.''