Rebel Wilson wants to pursue a career in politics.

The 39-year-old actress and comedian has said she would love to ''help people'' in her career, and could see herself going into politics in order to make real change in areas such as education and health-care reform once she's ''done with Hollywood''.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she said: ''I want to help people. When I see other people needing to stand up for themselves, I like to inspire them or help them with the legal knowledge I have. And, God, as a woman, you need to stand up for yourself in so many ways. It's important, and I think some people do find inspiration from me and my life. My mother was a public-school teacher. I have a sister who is a nurse, and I'm real big into military - I shouldn't say just military dudes. [laughs] I'm into good education for people. Through the School [of St Jude] in Tanzania, I have been helping to lift kids out of poverty through education. The health-care system is really important. Those are the political platforms I naturally would have because of my background, so I do think when I am done with Hollywood, that's what will happen.''

Although it might take a while before the 'Pitch Perfect' star is ready to leave Hollywood behind, as she previously said she has the ''best job ever'', because she ''loves entertaining'' people with her movies.

Speaking as she was celebrating Thanksgiving, she said: ''Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm lucky to be spending it with my sisters and new baby niece in LA. There's so much I have to be grateful for this year! To all the wonderful Americans that I'm around, to all the fantastic people I got to work with this year - stretching from the West End to the Hollywood Bowl - and to all the people around the world who support me!! I love you guys!!

''I love entertaining you all and feel like I have the best job ever!! (sic).''