Australian actress Rebel Wilson struggled to complete her Tv show Super Fun Night because her father died early into production.

The Bridesmaids star landed her own U.S. Tv series last year (13) that she created, wrote, produced and starred in, and she has now revealed she battled personal heartbreak while trying to finish the project.

Wilson tearfully tells Australia's Hit magazine, "What a lot of people maybe didn't know was that my father passed away in the second week of production of the show."

The comedy received mixed reviews and was cancelled after one series due to dwindling ratings, and the rocky experience has put the actress off Tv projects.

She adds, "I think my style of comedy is very Australian but it has American influences and British influences as well. Perhaps my tone was a little (off) to some of the American audiences. Some people are like 'Would you try again?' but I think I will stick with movies for the time being. I think the pace of that is much better for me going forward as a writer. It's insane to write and perform and do seven pages of Tv comedy a day."