The Pitch Perfect star, who ironically features in new comedy How to Be Single, enjoyed a brief romance with fellow comedian Mickey Gooch, Jr. last year (15), but they reportedly called it quits in September (15).

Wilson reveals she has been on a few dates since the split, but admits she spends much of the time wondering if her date just wants to be friends - and it has led to some funny encounters.

"I think I have a problem with dating," she told U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon on Friday (05Feb16). "I have this thing where you're not sure whether it's a date or whether it's two friends meeting up.

"I went out on a date recently and I just wasn't sure if it was a friend situation or something romantic. And then half way through dinner he starts talking a lot about business and I'm like, 'OK, this is definitely just a friends thing,' and then at the end of the date, we're walking to the valet, and he went in for a kiss, but I already thought in my mind, 'No, it's a friend's thing,' but when he came in I just went, 'Aaah,' and it was the most embarrassing (thing). Like, why did I have to do that face, why did I have to make that noise? The valet man saw it. So I just got in my car and drove away."