Rebel Wilson has claimed a married man once coerced her in a hotel room.

The 'Bridesmaids' star has admitted she could relate to the Me Too campaign - an international movement against sexual harassment and assault set up earlier this year after Harvey Weinstein was accused of multiple sexual misconduct allegations - because she once found herself in an awkward position with a taken man.

However, that's not the first incident the 38-year-old actress has experienced as she also admitted during her interview with Australia's Vogue magazine that she had to deal with a sexist issue while she was shooting 'Pitch Perfect 1' in 2011.

Despite experiencing the sleazy side of showbiz, Rebel has claimed she's never had an issue with being paid as much as her male counterparts in her carer.

Of equal pay, she explained: ''I have been in such girl-power projects, my first movie 'Bridesmaids' and then 'Pitch Perfect'. The girls far outweighed the boys and got paid far more. Pay disparity hasn't been an issue and I also think I'm a good negotiator, which is why I get good contracts. Some women may not know their worth, but I have a good sense of it. I don't need to be paid more than men: just to be paid fairly.''

And, although there are many negatives to living life in the limelight, Rebel loves that she gets to meet ''interesting people'' and get free tickets to basketball games.

She said: ''You get to meet really interesting people and get to know the real person, and have crazy experiences, and get free tickets court-side to the LA Lakers.''