Actress Rebecca Romijn and fiance Jerry O'connell decided to plan a wacky Christmas celebration when their families met for the first time last year (05). The families gathered at a lodge in Northern California to get to know each other better and decided to see who could create the most outrageously decorated Christmas sweater. She explains, "Rather than do Christmas presents between a bunch of people who didn't know each other, we decided to do crazy, ugly Christmas sweaters. "The idea was to buy whatever sweater you wanted and then add embellishments. "Let me tell you, Christmas dinner was something else. We were in a restaurant and my dad made my sister and I wear sweaters with Christmas lights attached to them. "He had an extension cord and he plugged us into the floor at the restaurant and we sat there flashing away. "Jerry's mother had on a sweater that had a giant branch sewn to it with a bird that was supposed to be a partridge in a pear tree. It was pretty funny."