Screen beauty Rebecca Romijn-STAMOS feels acting alongside her husband JOHN STAMOS would be a terrible move - because she can't imagine spending so much time with him.

The blonde X-Men actress, 30, says that while she enjoys married life with her beau, she'd prefer never to mix business with pleasure.

She explains, "We've already sworn that we would never do that. People know we're together, we're photographed together, and we're already sort of shoved down people's throats as a couple. We also have a very private private life, and we like to keep that sacred a little bit.

"And also, would you want to work with your wife 20 hours a day? I mean, it's better for everyone when you go off and do your own thing - and then you come back and just share your experiences rather than be together all day long."

06/05/2003 20:59