X-MEN star Rebecca Romijn and fiance Jerry O'connell frequently dress up as goofy characters and go out in public places as a joke. The couple dress up in outrageous costumes, complete with special hair and make-up. She explains, "We're not nightclub people, our idea of fun is getting dressed up. "I have a costume closet at home. Part of it is like daring each other to go out in public dressed like that." The couple were addicted to US reality series SHOWDOG MOMS AND DADS and became obsessed with one of the couples on the show. She adds, "Showdog Moms and Dads is like (the movie ) Best In Show, but with these very overzealous dog owners. "There was one couple in particular we were inspired by and Jerry and I decided to dress up like them and go to Wal Mart Portrait Studio and have our portrait taken. That's our idea of fun."